Cloud-based Companies
  • The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) recently issued a key document regarding cloud security discussing the 4 main classes of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the cloud including supply chain vulnerabilities, shared tenancy vulnerabilities, poor access controls, and misconfigurations. Cloud –based companies should start developing quantum-safe strategies in order to prepare and defend against these threats by quickly and responsibly adopting studying post-quantum cybersecurity. Defending against quantum-capable adversaries operating at quantum computing speeds is a massive challenge. Human operators will not be able to keep up with or defend against quantum -enabled cyber or disinformation attacks without the assistance of strong post-quantum cybersecurity cryptography and systems. Cloud security professionals must have access to the world’s best technology to protect against quantum hacks.

QuSecure can help by securing cloud to cloud and cloud to network with true post quantum cryptography. Our proprietary, patent pending quantum TLS protocol enables us to move information faster than standard TLS, as well as more securely by wrapping the transport layer using post quantum cryptography. Using a symmetric key approach, combined with identity-based encryption, we can ensure that only true, authorized users can access the data and it remains secure while in transit. We are also an Amazon partner and have developed hardened quantum secure cloud infrastructure.