Devices: Handset, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Badges, IOT


End user and IOT devices provide a nearly unlimited number of attack vectors for hackers to infiltrate, and these devices have been used as persistent targets to export data and information and launch cyberattacks on networks. 

Additionally, it is sometimes difficult and complicated to secure many of these devices. Most of these devices, such as IOT, have no intrusion prevention systems are antivirus software and the maintenance is typically poor compared to core network and cloud.

Taking a post-quantum cybersecurity approach to end user and IOT devices can help provide advanced levels of security against not only current classical attacks but future quantum attacks.  

By using QuSecure's quantum encrypted transport layer (QTLS) in combination with our quantum random number generation and implementation of NIST approved post-quantum cryptography, you and your enterprise are using some of the most advanced and safe systems available.