Embedded Systems

Cybersecurity tools help protect online systems from cyber threats like viruses, malware and more. These systems contain information such as confidential data, personal information, medical history, banking details and government secrets.  

Most cybersecurity tools today are software-based. Placing cybersecurity elements in embedded systems such as chips can greatly improve protection of sensitive information from emerging cyber-attacks.  

QuSecure is working with some of the world's largest chip manufacturers to embed post- quantum cybersecurity technology at the chip level.  

  • Dedicated integrated circuits (IC's) with built-in post- quantum cybersecurity will offer a great deal of protection against both classical and quantum attacks.  

  • Embedded post-quantum cybersecurity technology can be easy and cost-effective compared to many alternative approaches.  

  • Hardware-based post-quantum cybersecurity solutions will provide additional layers of security against changing threats and will not require continuous software updates to provide high- assurance protection.