• States, criminals, and terrorists will conduct quantum/AI cyber-attacks and nation-states are integrating AI and quantum platforms to challenge the United States’ technology advantage. We will not be able to defend against quantum threats without ubiquitous post-quantum cybersecurity capabilities. We want our national security departments and agencies to have access to the latest post-quantum technology to defend our country along with our allies and partners.

  • Government servers and databases have known vulnerabilities resulting in larger amounts and volumes of attacks in recent years (think Solar Winds). Government agencies have highly valuable data and confidential information, including fingerprints, military secrets, Social Security numbers, and more. Some of this data needs to remain secure for up to 75 years.

QuSecure can help ensure data is quantum safe by building a pure quantum communications layer that uses identity-based encryption along with NIST approved Post-quantum cryptographic algorithms to share symmetric keys between devices for data at rest. Our proprietary quantum transport layer (QTLS) enables ultra-fast and safe transport of data.