22 Apr 2022 2 min read

It Isn’t Post Quantum; Its Pre-Quantum You Need to Worry About

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In an article written by Tim Sloane for Payments Journal, he reports on how important it is to protect data now.

“You know it is too late when there is bipartisan legislation on anything. And so, it is with protecting our data against “harvest now, decrypt later” quantum security deployment as we stated here.”

Sloan quotes Representative Ro Khanna (D- CA-17), “Even though classical computers can’t break encryption now, our adversaries can still steal our data in the hopes of decrypting it later. I believe that the federal government must begin strategizing immediately about the best ways to move our encrypted data to algorithms that use post-quantum cryptography,” Khanna said.

Mainly in response to the “harvest now, decrypt later” strategy among some hacking organizations, the bill calls on the director of OMB to work with the Chief Information Officers Council to plan and assess current information technology networks and related risks within federal agencies, and advocate migration to post-quantum cryptography, under mandated NIST standards.

The bill also calls for the OMB director’s office to submit an annual report on post-quantum migration among agencies to Congress annually for nine years following the completion of new NIST cryptography standards.

“I’m optimistic about the power of quantum computing as part of the new technological frontier, but we must take preemptive steps to ensure bad actors aren’t able to use this technology in more sinister ways,” Mace commented. “I’m confident the Office of Management and Budget, working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will be capable of ensuring Americans are shielded from these threats before there’s no going back.”

Major private tech firms have supported the bill, including IBM, Google, QuSecure, and Maybell Quantum.”

A full in-depth report, “Quantum Changes Everything: Protect Your Data Now,” from the
Mercator Advisory Group outlines what we already know about “Store-Now-Decrypt-Later,” or any version of this phrase, where protected data is intercepted today only to be used in five to ten years when a quantum computer can break the encryption. To learn more, visit Mercator Advisory Group.


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