• For the first time since World War II, America’s technological predominance is under threat. Innovations in quantum computing mean manufacturing organizations need to start planning now to defend against new types of cybersecurity threats. Manufacturers that fail to upgrade to post-quantum cryptography risk being left behind in the years ahead.  China possesses the capability to surpass the United States as the world’s leader in quantum computing and AI in the next decade. Simultaneously, quantum computing is deepening the threat posed by cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns that nation-states are using to steal data and interfere in democracy.

QuSecure can help manufacturing companies by providing both application level and network level security. We apply post quantum cryptography to secure data at rest, data in transit, and data in use. We do this with our patent pending quantum secure management Suite (QSMS) system which utilizes NIST approved post quantum cryptography in addition to proprietary quantum protocols which we have developed to ensure that data is truly quantum secure and moves faster than standard TLS.