Network Processes

Network security controls are necessary for organizations to reduce the risk of an attack or data breach and includes many processes, technologies and devices. Network security consists of hardware and software technologies and are ideally composed of layers that include applications, antivirus, access management, servers, firewalls, physical access, and policies. This provides a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of computer networks and data.

However, as we have seen by some of the recent attacks (Solar Winds, Microsoft), attackers are getting better and better at breaking our current cryptography.

QuSecure provides highly advanced post-quantum cryptography to protect the enterprise and government against current and future quantum attacks. Our QSMS orchestration suite allows an enterprise to secure their network by combining post-quantum symmetric and asymmetric keys along with a quantum transport layer (QTLS) in combination with approved NIST algorithms for a maximum level of cybersecurity.