Post-Quantum Data at Rest

Many of the most notorious cybersecurity hacks have been the result of SNDL campaigns (steal now, decrypt later) in which a bad actor will steal an encrypted data source and sit on it for several months or years until they are able to decrypt it. Once decrypted, the data is then distributed or sold on the dark web.


With QuSecure Data at Rest, you can define and enforces how data is protected, who may access specific data, and what format that data will take when access is granted. Most importantly, you can ensure your sensitive data is protected for as long as you need it to be.


  • Role-based access controls to unlock data

  • Leverages our centralized, cryptographic key and policy management

  • Automatic key rotation

  • Log of all events for audit

  • Highly customizable for enhanced security and controls

  • Future resiliency for the upcoming FIPS 140-3 standards