Post - Quantum Network

Using our patent-pending Quantum Transport Layer Security (QTLS),  QuSecure offers an entirely software-based solution to protect your data, wherever it resides on the network. Our designed enhances performance and throughput capabilities exceed current capabilities, to deliver a greater level of security eliminating attack vectors.


Our system is interoperable within the existing PKI infrastructure.


Software-based and plug into existing enterprise infrastructures


Reduction of complexity, while increasing efficacy of security, as well as performance.


Designed to work in combination with quantum random number generators for genuinely random keys


Supports multi-factor authentication


Generate up to 60,000 keys per second - faster than TLS 1.2 and 1.3 and reduces handshake time by approximately half as compared to TLS 1.3 implementation.


Future resiliency for the upcoming FIPS 140-3 standards