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Webinar: Learn About the Future of Cybersecurity, Quantum, and Healthcare!

Updated: Nov 10

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On Wednesday, 10 November 2021, QuSecure presented a hard-hitting webinar about the quantum threat to healthcare. We covered existing and emerging cybersecurity threats as well as practical and currently available post-quantum cybersecurity solutions to thwart quantum and classical attacks on our healthcare systems.

According to Privacy Affairs, over 230 million US Healthcare records were lost or stolen between 2009-2019, and healthcare data breaches increased by 2733% in the same period. Healthcare is now the most frequently targeted industry for cyber-attacks.

Technology has made paper-based healthcare records a thing of the past. Now, health records and patient management information are shared across complex networks through a variety of unsecured communication channels and endpoints. Additionally, healthcare is adopting IOT at a rapid rate, creating further vulnerabilities and attack vectors for healthcare networks. Electronic health records, clinical databases, and even medical devices and sensors are all vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Further exacerbating the challenge of cybersecurity for the healthcare industry is the rapid development of quantum computers. Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers (CRQCs) will be used to disrupt critical healthcare systems and leverage sensitive patient data. Quantum computers are incredibly efficient at factoring large prime numbers; their computational abilities will break existing public key infrastructure (PKI) which secures over 90% of all sensitive data and electronic communications. Already, hackers are harvesting encrypted data which will be decrypted retroactively once CRQCs are available. Sensitive patient data requires secure protection for the lifetime of a patient, at least 25 years, and every day that data is left unprotected creates furth risk and liability for healthcare agencies. Therefore, healthcare agencies must act now to protect themselves and the broader healthcare system from the inevitable quantum threat. Post-quantum cryptography systems, provided by companies such as QuSecure, will be pivotal in providing security from quantum threats.

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