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Podcast Recap: Achieving Crypto Agility with QuSecure's CPO Rebecca Krauthamer and CTO Greg Bullard

In a recent podcast on ‘The Post Quantum World,’ with host Konstantine Karagiannis, QuSecure’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) Rebecca Krauthamer and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and VP of Engineering, Greg Bullard discussed cryptographic agility and its importance in the post-quantum era. As defined by Greg, cryptographic agility refers to the ability to upgrade and interchange algorithms, primitives, and encryption methods of a cybersecurity system in a seamless manner. This ability will be critical during the cybersecurity upcycle to post-quantum cryptography.

Quantum computers present a particular challenge to cybersecurity. Already, quantum computers are completing calculations order of magnitude faster than any current classical super computers and in the coming years they will be capable of breaking modern cryptography. ‘One of the things that we know for sure is that an algorithm exists called Shor's algorithm, and that is going to devastate public key cryptography as we know it,’ Greg said. ‘It’s given now thanks to Shor's algorithm and the processing capabilities of Quantum, and it's a ticking time bomb.’ Greg goes on to explain that existing cryptography is based on prime number factorization, a mathematical computation that can be solved using Shor’s algorithm and a quantum computer. It is only a matter of time before quantum computers are able to break prime number factorization and modern cryptography.

To combat this threat, the National Institute of Technology (NIST) has been developing a set of quantum-resilient algorithms which will be finalized by 2024. However, upgrading systems around the world to a new standard of quantum cybersecurity will be a massive undertaking and will require compatibility with existing systems. That’s where cryptographic agility comes in. With crypto agility, the most critical communications and assets can be upgraded to post-quantum with minimal disruption to existing systems. Less critical systems that are still going to be running older cryptography, such as TLS 1.3, can be managed and sequestered as needed. According to Rebecca and Greg, ‘crypto agility gives us time’.

Post-quantum cryptography companies, such as QuSecure, will play a critical role in the upcycle quantum cybersecurity. QuSecure develops software-based solutions to protect all data, both in transit at rest, from current and quantum threats. Rebecca explains further ‘We (QuSecure) help companies with use cases in Quantum, and then on the other side, we try to help them figure out what they need to do for this apocalypse that's coming.’ To learn more about QuSecure can help you prepare for the quantum age, be sure to follow our blog or contact us here.

To watch the full podcast, visit here.


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