• Kosta Vilk

Quantum Computing Threat

Quantum computing appears to many as a complex concept, in essence, it provides the means to encode and correlate massive amounts of information in a very short amount of time. Quantum computers utilize principles of quantum entanglement and superposition to represent information - as opposed to current electrical bits. They are able to perform certain types of calculations at lightning speed compared classical, electronic computers.

Quantum computing is becoming a real-world viability, with a multitude of benefits to our society. However, with quantum computing imminent advent, we are also facing a huge threat to current encryption methodologies. Quantum computing will drastically change cybersecurity world the way we know it.

Quantum computing will change the way we communicate, the way we manage and protect data. Quantum computers will render most of the most advanced cryptographic methodologies obsolete. When it comes to sensitive communications across connected devices, it won't be enough to rely on existing algorithms. Quantum computers will become an avalanche overrunning public key cryptography, with their ability to decrypt communications at a blinding rate of speed.

Quantum computers are expected to be developed within the next five years, so the question is whether your cyber immune system is ready for the quantum threat. The clock is ticking to design and deploy the antidote before the threat is realized. Our short-term goal is to develop "cryptographically agile" systems that can quickly swap one cryptographic tool for another. Our long-term goal is to develop quantum-safe cryptography tools, and protocols with the ability to run on conventional technologies and resist quantum attacks.

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