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The Coming Quantum Cybersecurity Threat with special speaker, Jack Hidary

Updated: Jan 20

Webinar update: We are thrilled to announce that Jack Hidary, renowned quantum computing expert and author, will be joining us as a special guest presenter. Jack focuses on AI and physics at Sandbox and is the author of Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach, published by Springer, now a course textbook at many universities.

When: Wednesday, February 2, 2022 10am Pacific Time/1pm Eastern Time

Topic: The Coming Quantum Cybersecurity Threat

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Data and communications are fundamental components of every successful enterprise and government agency and quantum computers are rapidly evolving as a threat. According to the Quantum Alliance Initiative at Hudson Institute, a single quantum attack on the banking system could cause as much as $1.9 Trillion in overall damages. Additionally, another recent Hudson Institute study demonstrates that a quantum attack on cryptocurrency would cause a $3.3 Trillion blow to the United States economy.

Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers (CRQCs) will be used to disrupt critical systems and leverage sensitive patient data. Quantum computers are incredibly efficient at factoring large prime numbers; their computational abilities will break existing public key infrastructure (PKI) which secures over 90% of all sensitive data and electronic communications. Already, hackers are harvesting encrypted data which will be decrypted retroactively once CRQCs are available. Sensitive data requires secure protection, and every day that data is left unprotected creates further risk and liability. Therefore, agencies must act now to protect themselves from the inevitable quantum threat. Post-quantum cryptography systems, provided by companies such as QuSecure, will be pivotal in providing security from quantum threats.

QuSecure provides a software-driven security architecture that addresses the most vulnerable aspects of network security: from zero-trust endpoint management, to unbreakable keys, ultra-fast transport protocols, and next generation post quantum-cryptography. We heal your current infrastructure and provide next-generation security to protect your entire network from quantum and classical threats for decades to come.

Join QuSecure on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 10am Pacific Time/1pm Eastern Time for a hard-hitting online seminar to learn more about The Coming Quantum Cybersecurity Threat! We will cover existing and emerging cybersecurity threats as well as practical and currently available post-quantum cybersecurity solutions to thwart quantum and classical attacks on our systems.

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