Qusecure Quantum Security Management Suite (QSMS)

Post-Quantum Cybersecurity for Enterprise

The Ultimate Post-Quantum Cyber Security for the Enterprise

QuSecure QSMS is a fully compliant password-less authentication and Post Quantum Encryption system with all the latest NIST, DOD and IEEE guidelines to ensure Enterprise and Government compliance. With UniqueId, We uniquely combine biometric authentication, distributed ledger and post-quantum cryptography to provide one of the most secure identity management systems in the world. With EVE, we provide QKD and PQC hiding the Quantum Key inside a multidimensional matrix, rendering it unretrievable even by Quantum Computers.  QSMS makes sure all is orchestrated and implemented according to the protocol. We integrate with all existing cyber security systems providing a nearly unhackable environment without a single point of failure.

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