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We have over 50 developers, architects and Blockchain product managers making Qusecure a pioneer in Blockchain R&D. Our team is experienced in Post-Quantum and Classical Blockchain product builds. We offer full cycle R&D for private and public blockchains including product, architecture, development and deployment and have a wide range of Blockchain products through our extensive experience working with both public and private blockchain architectures on a variety of networks.


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Public Blockchains are open source and permission-less. This means anyone can participate in them. Transactions are handled according to network protocols which can only be changed through the designated consensus mechanism. These networks generally operate without the need of intermediaries.Some of the most sought-after features that public Blockchains offer to their users are:

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Immutability. This is a cornerstone of Blockchain technology. Once data is uploaded to an immutable blockchain, it is very difficult to change it, delete it or tamper with it.


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