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QSMS: Quantum Security Management Server

Imagine a self-defending network that uses properties of quantum entanglement to defend itself. Imagine having the ability to communicate truly safely using QKD (Quantum Key Distribution). Imagine a resilient and distributed network that can rotate and control keys. That's what networks of post-quantum future are all about. It's what we build.

Automated Cryptographic Testing

Insider threat is changing. Brute Force is now possible and feasible for the attacker. Cryptography is the last line of defense against SNDL. QuSecure automated cryptographic-testing platform launches ethical exploits to test cryptographic agility. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediation, ahead of the threat actor.

World First:

Quantum Resilient
Blockchain & Wallet

Quantum-Resilient Blockchain developed by QuSecure is now used to power eCommerce, Social Media, Supply Chain Management, Distributed Network and File Architecture, and much more. 
- Highest possible level of security against adversaries
- Advanced protection against current and post-quantum attacks
- Complete security validation
- Enterprise-level controls protect user identity
- Post-quantum cryptography is the basis of a strong blockchain

Biometric Identity for Blockchain

Biometric Identity Solutions developed  for the blockchain protect user and administrator access by mitigating the typical multi-factor vulnerabilities to interception or social engineering style of attacks. These solutions secure eCommerce, Wallet and Supply Chain in an easy to use and adopt manner.



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