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Q1 2023

QuSecure’s Top 3 Highlights from Q1: 

  • QuSecure signed an agreement to bundle our post-quantum cybersecurity products with the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions. 
  • Accenture chose QuSecure as their go-to-market partner under a collaborative development agreement. 
  • QuSecure achieved a media reach potential of three billion viewers in Q1, tripling our total media reach for 2022. 


QuSecure had another exceptional quarter, with commercial enterprise and government leaders increasingly recognizing the quantum threat and taking steps to protect their data. This is due primarily to the Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act, which passed in December and mandates that all Federal agencies begin the post-quantum cybersecurity upgrade journey. In addition, various global whitepapers demonstrate how significant investments in ultra-efficient, focused quantum computers and hybrid classical/quantum approaches may speed up the timeline to Q-Day (when a quantum computer breaks current encryption). We are also seeing more commercial traction. Our conversations with enterprise leaders are about how, when, and where to implement quantum resiliency in their organizations and less about if and why.  

As a result, QuSecure’s market traction and brand positioning have increased significantly. In this past quarter, QuSecure was mentioned in over 50 thought leadership and industry articles via various publications, including Forbes, Time, IEEE, CSO, SecurityWeek, Dark Reading, and a customer case study in ITPro Today. QuSecure surpassed a media reach of three billion potential readers in the first quarter alone, underscoring the growing awareness and demand. We have a full slate of customers and partners and a robust pipeline.  

We made substantial progress on our product suite. QuProtect TM and QuEverywhereTM are gearing up for an exciting partnership launch next month, where we will bundle our product with the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions. Also, with Accenture, we successfully tested the world’s first multi-orbit quantum-secure satellite communications uplink/downlink. This remarkable feat from low earth orbit (LEO) to geostationary orbit (GEO) was accomplished without software installation on the existing in-flight satellites. QuSecure focuses not only on the quantum threat but also on providing cryptographic agility and network-wide security for servers and endpoints. Lastly, financing for cybersecurity remains robust even in these tumultuous times.  

We thank all of you for supporting us as we help our customers and partners secure their organizations for today and tomorrow. Read on for more details.  

Product Development 

Last quarter we centered on product maturation and creating a user experience to inform and empower organizations. This milestone truly puts control in the hands of the cybersecurity leader. Some of our most exciting developments that will impact our products across the board include:  

Control Plane, UI, and Crypto Protocol Framework: these are our features that comprise the command center for customer deployments.  

  • These exciting additions will offer customers a powerful toolset to manage their QuSecure deployments with ease and efficiency. Utilizing our comprehensive dashboard, end-users can quickly access performance data and usage metrics, all presented in a clear, user-friendly format that’s easy to analyze. 
  • Our new features will also empower security professionals to configure the solution to their organization’s specific security needs. We achieve this by enabling end-user control of crypto-agility and key rotation frequency. 
  • Implementing the crypto protocol framework into QuProtectTM brings world-class security proofs, eliminating downgrade attacks, forward secrecy, and much more. 


In the past quarter, QuSecure has secured incredible partnerships with super-scale companies helping us address commercial and federal markets. We could not be happier with these industry-leading organizations recognizing the quantum threat and choosing QuSecure as their go-to-market partner.  

  • Arrow Electronics: We spent the past quarter working with Arrow Electronics finalizing plans for an upcoming go-to-market launch. Arrow has over 210,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers and is a Fortune 104 company with 2022 sales of $37.12 billion. Their global team includes 22,000+ employees in over 220 sales locations and 43 distribution and value-added centers. 
  • ImmixGroup: Along with Arrow, we are finalizing our federal go-to-market plans with ImmixGroup (Acquired by Arrow in March 2015). ImmixGroup represents more than 300+ manufacturers and 1,200 solutions providers in the public sector. 
  • Accenture: We signed a collaborative development agreement with Accenture. Accenture is a leading global professional services company with 738,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. According to Tom Patterson, Quantum and Space Security lead at Accenture, “Bringing advanced security capabilities like QuSecure’s quantum-resistant crypto agility systems to orbit drives Accenture forward to better secure businesses on earth and throughout the space ecosystem.” 
  • We signed a formidable agreement with the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions to distribute QuSecure products to their customers. 
  • We have started information-sharing efforts with channel and other global strategic partners to facilitate better event planning, conferences, and speaking opportunities with joint press and social media outreach efforts to gain super amplification of our shared messaging. 
  • QuSecure is growing and maturing as a brand with partners, moving from “standing on the shoulders of giants” to “standing arm in arm with giants.”

Federal Operations 

The QuSecure Federal Operations team has been busy in the first quarter of 2023, fulfilling a contract with the Army, conducting demonstrations, submitting proposals, and fielding new opportunities while strengthening our existing Federal Operations solution. QuSecure is utilizing available resources to pursue solutions for emerging technology and modernizing cybersecurity. These solutions are meant to be applicable across various environments and classification levels. We have matured and developed our channel partnerships and customer pipeline so that QuSecure’s solution will soon be implemented across land, air, sea, and space. 

As mentioned, we are excited to announce that QuSecure has successfully demonstrated multi-orbit post-quantum communications channels in space. Recognizing the world’s growing reliance on satellite communications, QuSecure and Accenture teamed to deliver a crypto-agile quantum-resilient channel from earth to a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite. From there, the breakthrough transmission included switching from LEO to a geosynchronous orbit (GEO) satellite and back down to earth as a model for redundancy in case of a breach, failure, or threat to satellites in a single orbit. This is a tremendous breakthrough in satellite communications and has implications for the US Government across all departments and commercial satellite agencies. The US Army and other DoD branches have shown interest in QuSecure’s on-orbit capabilities. This successful demonstration of our technology will allow us to reach many more government customers quickly. 

QuSecure completed an SBIR Phase III contract last summer with NORAD/NORTHCOM (ARCTIC Innovation). This effort demonstrated the first use of a post-quantum resilient communications channel using a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) to create a post-quantum resilient symmetric session key with randomized key rotation, delivered via the NIST-approved CRYSTALS-Kyber post-quantum algorithm.  

A new SBIR Phase III contract was also awarded by ARCTIC Innovation and funded by the Office of Naval Research. QuSecure is the prime contractor for this demonstration and will subcontract to another small business to perform real-time acoustic monitoring of a deployed buoy sensor for contact detection and identification (i.e., ship, air, other) and generate operator alerts for hypersonic, supersonic, and other airborne or surface threats. Additionally, QuSecure will assess the small business’ architecture interfaces for integration with QuSecure technology as risk reduction for joint demonstration during future Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDEs). QuSecure has also prepared an IATT (Interim Authority to Test) package to allow the deployment of QuSecure solutions at higher classification levels.  

QuSecure completed a Phase I SBIR performance with the U.S. Army ASA(ALT) after six months of analysis and technical discussions with numerous Army customers interested in procuring QuSecure technology. Our findings were compiled into a feasibility report detailing our technology’s suitability for Army use cases. Phase I participation warranted an invitation from the Army ASA(ALT) to submit a proposal for a Phase II SBIR with a maximum contract value of $1.7M. The proposal was submitted in early April, and we anticipate an award announcement in the early Q3 timeframe. If awarded, this Phase II opportunity provides a natural pathway to further mature our technology for improved suitability across the Army customer base. 

We started this year by dramatically accelerating our federal go-to-market strategy with several new channel relationships. We are optimizing our channel ecosystem with strategic partnerships, allowing us to scale rapidly and open more doors in the federal marketplace. These relationships include access to vast sales forces, test demonstration opportunities, new product capabilities, and new contracting vehicles. These well-cultivated relationships will help us maximize the remaining fiscal year and help secure the US Government with quantum resilience. 


To safeguard our corporate security, we adopted a “Just Right” improvement strategy that leverages our existing framework of policies and tools while also considering the functional needs of the business as well as various compliance controls. 

For example –   

  • The QuSecure Operations Portal supplied a simple and efficient way to report security incidents, request data staging for external resources, or ask cybersecurity-related questions. 
  • Through training, phishing campaigns, and notifications around cybersecurity, we increased our collective knowledge on the topic. 

Fulfilling these activities is needed for most compliance standards, constituting expected business practices. 

  • On April 14, QuSecure organized a SOC 2 compliance report with our outside compliance auditor. Through this document, we will be able to showcase the security design of our company and prove how much time and effort was put into creating our products. An effective report will give us third-party credibility and set new standards for even stricter compliance goals. 

Staff and Advisors 

During the first quarter of 2023, we continued focusing on strengthening and streamlining our team. We now have 50 full-time employees and three contractors. This summer, we will host six interns across the business. Some of our latest new hires/moves include: 

  • Engineering

Aaron Moore, who had been serving as an advisor, joined us as Executive Vice President of Engineering. He leads a best-in-class organization that continues developing industry-leading quantum-resilient encryption technology. We have also upgraded many technical positions in architecture, testing, and development.

  • Marketing/User Experience 

Meg Gleason, another member of the QuSecure team who has been creating content for users, marketing, and employees, moved from a contractor role to a full-time employee.

  • Federal Operations

Bert Race, another contractor-turned-employee, is now the Senior Director of Program Management in our FedOps group. 

  • Human Resources  

Noah Mesel adds Human Resources to his responsibilities; he has served as our Chief Legal Officer since October 2022. 

As we look ahead to our many opportunities in 2023, we are working on upgrading and updating the organization’s systems and processes to support our people more effectively. These upgrades will also enable us to document our compliance with government and private-sector regulatory requirements, which are essential to our military and financial services customers. Our plan for 2023 includes the following:  

  • Talent Acquisition: We redesigned and documented our hiring process to emphasize the need to bring in the best possible talent across the company. 
  • Feedback & Performance: We approved a performance review process that enables managers to identify and reward top performers. 
  • Code of Conduct: Consistent with our mission to ensure the highest ethical conduct among our employees, vendors, customers, and partners, we have adopted a formal code of conduct, which all employees will acknowledge in the first weeks of the second quarter. 

Aligning our corporate and people strategies will improve business performance and give QuSecure a competitive advantage. 

Intellectual Property  

We entered 2023 with notable accomplishments in building intellectual property protection for the business. We have 11 pending patent applications, including filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) office. 

Our latest three PCT applications focused on innovations in QuProtect for web application implementations. Significantly, PCT clearance on these and our prior applications will allow us to move to national-stage filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the patent offices in Australia, Canada, Japan, and the European Patent Office (EPO), as well as the U.S. Upon approval by the EPO. We plan to convert the EPO patents to national patents in the U.K., Germany, and other European countries. In other words, our PCT applications will lead to patent families with over 30 patents worldwide when approved. This work continues to deepen the moat protecting our critical assets.  

Our three U.S. trademark applications, filed at the end of 2022, are still pending.  

In December, our trademark work resulted in three new trademark applications – for QuSecureTM, QuProtectTM, and QuEverywhereTM. Our branding efforts will solidify our customers’ association with first-of-a-kind quantum encryption technology with QuSecure. We expect action on these applications in the second half of 2023. 

Marketing / Branding 

2023 is a pivotal year for QuSecure. Ensuring we have a strong brand is fundamental to cementing our leadership position this year. Building upon the solid foundation created in 2022, Marketing’s role in the new year is to establish brand dominance in cybersecurity and craft compelling revenue enablement tools to grow our customer base. 

Media and Social Media: 

We proudly announce that our media reach topped three billion in Q1, with a record number of press mentions for the quarter. This all-time high for QuSecure demonstrates how powerful the QuSecure brand is in the marketplace. This count increased 4X from one to four billion in the last three months vs. the prior eight months combined. Quarter over quarter, social media mentions increased by 26%. We had terrific media traction in the past quarter, demonstrating that the quantum threat is becoming more mainstream daily. 


In March, QuProtect won the 2023 Globee(R) Gold Cybersecurity Award in the Quantum Computing category.  


Our continuing efforts to bolster our leadership position in quantum cybersecurity were enhanced last quarter by refreshing our website and adding new podcasts and social media campaigns. 

Thought Leadership:

QuSecure continued to build its thought leadership via numerous articles written and published to showcase our intellectual prowess and technical expertise in crypto modernization solutions, including: 

Revenue Enablement: 

  • Development of refined and updated selling decks from initial introductory information to more technically detailed decks. 
  • Creation of more QuEverywhere demo opportunities, both live and video versions, for use cases in Fed Ops, Financial Services, and Space & Satellite. 
  • Use case-driven QuProtect InVision narrative conceptual demos for Financial Services and Space and Satellite conferences speeches – a demonstration of conceptual mobile application use cases to bring the QuProtect solution to life. 
  • Created an inventory and version control system to ensure multiple revenue enablement tools were developed and stored as efficiently and effectively as possible.


  • Speaking Event – NSIN Hawaii Skip Sanzeri and Pete “Shadow” Ford March 2023 
  • Speaking Event – SXSW Austin Rebecca Krauthamer March 2023 
  • Speaking Event – Satellite 2023 Washington DC Lisa Hammitt March 2023 
  • Speaking Event – Stanford Satellite Security Workshop Palo Alto Aaron Moore March 2023

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