Quantum Satellites and Space Solutions

As our dependence on satellites and other space-based assets continues to increase, so do attack vectors and security risks for these systems – many of which were developed before cybersecurity was a top priority.

Service disruptions could cause substantial economic and intellectual property losses as well as create risk to our national defense systems. Quantum computers will be used to decrypt stolen satellite data and could be used to assume control of entire satellites. In addition, an attacker that is able to listen in on a satellite's signals could access the terrestrial systems that connect with that satellite. The attacker could then invade an organization’s entire network by infiltrating its ground station.


Reduce your organization's vulnerabilities with QuSecure solutions that safeguard satellites, uplink and downlink transmissions, and terrestrial base stations with software-based quantum-resilient cybersecurity that can be deployed immediately on satellites in orbit and satellites launched in the future.


QuSecure's software-based post-quantum cybersecurity includes our own proprietary protocol along with NIST-approved algorithms. This innovative solution offers:

1) Quantum generated randomness of the cryptographic seed;

2) Next-generation quantum-resilient algorithms from NIST FIPS 140-3 search; and

3) An improved transmission protocol that significantly reduces the attack surface of the channel while increasing efficiency.