Satellites and Space

It is estimated that there are approximately 2,700 operational satellites circling the globe. The United States is more dependent on satellites than any country in the world. As our dependence continues to increase, so do attack vectors and security risks. Government and commercial organizations depend on satellites for many important services such as remote-sensing, communications, GPS, navigation weather monitoring and much more. There is a great deal at stake as any disruption can cause huge economic and intellectual property losses. Additionally, satellite communications can be harvested now and decrypted later using quantum computers. If attackers listen in on satellite signals, they can access the terrestrial systems that connect with the satellite. An attacker can then invade the organization’s entire network by infiltrating a satellite’s ground station. 


QuSecure provides both satellite and terrestrial base stations with software-based quantum-resilient cybersecurity which can be deployed immediately on existing satellites as well as satellites launched in the future. We provide software-based post-quantum cybersecurity including our own proprietary protocol along with NIST approved algorithms to secure data transmission between satellites and to earth. 

Since satellites use long-range telemetry to communicate with ground stations, QuSecure reduces vulnerabilities by using post-quantum algorithms that secure uplink and downlink transmissions. Many satellite systems use open telecom network security protocols that can be easily intercepted by attackers without post-quantum cybersecurity.