Quantum Telecommunications Solutions

Telecommunications companies provide the backbone for how the world communicates with infrastructure that transports and stores large amounts of sensitive data. This data is a rich source of information for attackers to collect and exploit for profit, disruption or war. 

Our current telecommunications infrastructure relies on standard encryption, making it vulnerable to both classical and quantum attacks. For example, attackers can covertly collect data to use against a target later. The impact of these incidents can be high and far reaching.

Safeguard your revenue, reputation, and sensitive data with the strongest enterprise-wide encryption solution on the market today.

QuSecure solutions safeguard cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-network telecommunications data with post-quantum cryptography. Our proprietary, patent-pending quantum protocol layers enable faster data movement than standard Transport Layer Security (TLS), while more securely wrapping the transport layer with post-quantum cryptography. 

With QuSecure’s symmetric key approach that combines with identity-based encryption, you can ensure that only true, authorized users can access your data – and that it remains secure while in transit. QuSecure also strengthens current encryption by adding Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG), which outputs truly random numbers.