06 Jul 2022 2 min read

NIST Addressing Future Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Threats Today

Tammy Waitt / American Security Today / 6 July 2022

QuSecure is excited to get the chance to share an article by American Security Today.

Key points of the article include:

  • NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, today formally selected four post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms to form part of their PQC standard. You can read more about NIST’s choices here.
  • QuSecure has announced that QuProtect, our PQC solution, is compatible with all of NIST’s selected algorithms. QuProtect is the industry’s only PQC software-based solution uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum resilience using quantum secure channels.
  • For general encryption across secure websites, NIST selected the CRYSTALS-Kyber algorithm. As Kyber was predicted to be a frontrunner before NIST’s choices, QuSecure has been employing Kyber at a U.S. government facility since June 21. This is the government’s first demonstration of PQC. You can read more about the U.S. government’s test of QuProtect here.
  • Rebecca Krauthamer, QuSecure’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, said “From day one, we built QuProtect to be crypto agile. This means that our software allows the customer to swap one algorithm out for another without interruption to system and network performance. Certain algorithms are more efficient in certain environments, and still others may still be proven crack-able and removed from the NIST standards. For this reason, it is critical to adopt a solution that is crypto agile. We’ve known these standards were coming for some time, and QuSecure by design set out to be the ‘easy button’ to make this upgrade for enterprise and government.”

    Read American Security Today’s full article here.


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