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For leaders in the finance and insurance industry, safeguarding critical data and customer assets against emerging threats is not just a fiduciary responsibility, but also a valuable strategic opportunity. With increasing customer demands for protection in the face of quantum computing and AI, new levels of control and protection that work with existing infrastructure are required.

QuProtect offers a comprehensive cyber security solution for the sensitive data in transit that powers your institution.

  1. No code changes or hardware required. QuProtect seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and legacy architecture, supporting phased implementation.
  2. Standards based and compliant with NIST approved post-quantum algorithms with controls for cryptographic agility.
  3. Enabling zero trust with cryptographic policy and traffic monitoring to empower insights.
  4. Set an agile foundation to secure critical data wherever it travels.

QUPROTECT FOR Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

  • Protect customer facing banking and insurance portals
  • Protect the movement of funds at any end point
  • Protect backend PII system transmissions requiring high-level security
  • Protect transmission of PII and long-lasting records inside and outside your institution

Percentage of organizations that are not ready for post-quantum cyber security
Moody’s Analytics

Percentage of financial institutions see the need for quantum-resistant cryptography in the next 2-5 years.
Moody’s Analytics

8 out of 10
US citizens fear that businesses are not able to secure their financial information


Securing Financial Services

Peter Bordow’s Insights Peter Bordow SVP, Distinguished Engineer, and PQC/Quantum Systems & Emerging Technologies Leader for Cybersecurity, Wells Fargo shares insights of how security leaders in the financial sector can help build robust security protocols that safeguard digital assets from malicious entities.
Overall, our results demonstrate that a quantum-enabled cyberattack on Fedwire, or any other RTGS system or key financial market infrastructure (FMI), would result in catastrophic financial losses for the national economy.
Arthur Herman & Alexander
Butler Hudson Insititute, 2023

Securing Financial Transactions

Industry experts share their insights on actions financial services leaders can take today to protect their critical data.

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