Quantum-Resilient Protection For Routers With Ease
For a Quantum-Resilient Future

For enterprises looking to maximize their investment and secure their most vulnerable data pathways, a quantum-resistant network fabric built on existing IPsec infrastructure is an attractive solution.

  • Crypto-Agile Framework: Configureable layering of classical and quantum-safe PQC algorithms, key lengths, and rotation for adaptable long-term resilience against both classical and quantum attacks.
  • No Rip-and-Replace Integration: Designed for easy overlay integration with existing Cisco routers, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to QKD: Scalable, cost-effective, software-based alternative to quantum key distribution (QKD) networks.
  • Telemetry and Orchestration in a Single Pane of Glass: Addresses the full cryptographic lifecycle of discovery, inventory, PQC migration, orchestrated crypto-agility, & continuous monitoring.


QuProtect Core Security In Action

Protect Core Network Management

Securing router-to-router communications in the core network infrastructure of telecom operators is crucial for managing traffic, provisioning services, and monitoring network health to ensure reliable telecom services.

Protect Inter-Bank Communication Networks

Secure connections between bank branches and data centers for transmitting transaction data, customer info, and financial records to enhance efficiency and comply with regulations.

Protect Remote Access to Classified Networks

Defend router-to-router connections for safe remote access to classified government networks from authorized locations, safeguarding sensitive information even when accessed remotely.

Protect Data Center Interconnectivity

Safeguard connections between data centers to secure critical from customer PII to operational data and ensure data protection compliance.

Protect Mobile Network Connections

Secure connections between cell sites and mobile switching centers to ensure safe voice and data traffic transmission in mobile networks, boosting privacy and security in mobile communications.

Protect Control Center to Substations in Energy Grids

Secure connections between routers are crucial for sending operational commands and data between control centers and substations, ensuring power grid integrity and reliability.

Implementation & Deployment Roadmap


Planning Your Protection

Our skilled team specializes in helping you identify priority use cases to protect the data and systems that matter most to you.

We offer a customized executive report highlighting the most lucrative ROI opportunities for protecting your critical data with QuProtect, all at no cost to you.


Explore & Experience Protection Concurrently

Easily implement QuProtect within hours and experience real-time post-quantum security without changing existing systems with a cost-effective initial test deployment to explore protection like never before.

While discovery and inventory are not required to implement QuProtect we are here to support your inventory journey and facilitate testing simultaneously.


Seamlessly Transition to Managed Cryptography

QuProtect’s cloud-native architecture effortlessly scales horizontally, providing comprehensive protection for all your data in transit.

Break the encryption upgrade cycle and take control of managing your cryptography with cryptographic agility and on-demand cryptographic inventory.


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