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Leaders in the energy and critical infrastructure sector organizations have a unique opportunity to pioneer advancements in protecting their systems and communications. As emerging threats reshape the standards for safeguarding energy grids, transportation systems, utilities, and other vital infrastructure, it is crucial to embrace post-quantum testing. This proactive approach not only mitigates risks but also positions you as a disruptor in your sector, all while ensuring seamless operations.

QuProtect provides a comprehensive and seamless cybersecurity solution to safeguard data during transit across systems, empowering your enterprise to drive our nation’s economy.

  1. Break the cryptographic inventory cycle and set a new, agile controls leveraging standards based and compliant with NIST approved post-quantum algorithms.
  2. No code changes or hardware required. QuProtect seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and legacy architecture, supporting phased implementation.
  3. Enabling zero trust with cryptographic policy and traffic monitoring to empower insights.

Take action today to lay a new foundation for the protection of critical infrastructure against present and future dangers.


  • Protect SCADA systems and control the cryptography that secures critical infrastructure
  • Protect transmission of sensitive communications on energy trading platforms
  • Protect communications of back end systems along the entire supply chain
  • Protect customer facing platforms, portals, and digital service interactions.

Top 5 Risk
As of 2019, cyberattacks are considered among the top five risks to global stability
World Economic Forum

55 NCFs
Affected by new risks to critical infrastructure systems

Of randsomware attacks reported to FBI hit critical infrastructure organizations in 2022


Cisco Distinguished Architect Discusses PQC Implementation

Craig Hill – Distinguished Architect at Cisco shares his expertise on the key reasons we need cyber modernization and how to integrate post-quantum cryptography today.
“Quantum technologies have the potential to represent a platform shift, and platform shifts don’t come around that often. When they do, they bring enormous opportunity coupled with the power for intense disruption, in all arenas, to include national security and economic security. Organizations should be evaluating post-quantum encryption solutions now and mapping out the resources and timelines needed to deploy them on their networks. QuSecure is playing a key role in future proofing our networks from current classical and future quantum attacks.”
Laura Thomas
Former CIA Chief of Base and currently VP of Corporate Strategy at ColdQuanta QuSecure Advisor

Securing Edge Computing

Expert John “Hoss” DeRosa, shares his expertise on one of the key reasons we need PQC to the edge.

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