A Thoughtful Approach
To Re-Imagined Cryptography

Even the most skeptical of quantum futurists accept the premise that breaking of current encryption methods is not only a matter of when, but how soon. It will happen sooner rather than later. Much like the approach to quantum physics, accepting this premise enterprise businesses and government need to think differently.

At QuSecure we take a pragmatic, some may say contrarian view, that employs a simple enterprise SaaS solution which easily integrates with existing, legacy systems rather than a complex, rip and replace scenario. We have created QuProtect, software that uses continuous defense monitoring with active multi- key-cryptography to protect end-to-end data in transit in both cloud and on-premise environments.

Top Quantum Risk Insights

  • Asymmetric key exchange algorithms will need to be upgraded.

  • Pseudorandom number generators are weak and will need to
    be upgraded.

  • Any pre-quantum device on the network represents a “weak
    link” that can be exploited.

  • Blindness into your cryptographic environment.


Easy, all-encompassing upgrade. For quantum safe protection.

QuProtect is an enterprise SaaS for managed cryptography. It is optimized for compatibility with today’s and yesterday’s technologies and easily deployed across servers to all end devices. With QuSecure, control is now in the hands of the customer with a powerful and seamless solution, so they’re ready for today. And tomorrow.

  • Easy, Safe, Low Risk Post-Quantum Transition
  • Crypto-Agility
  • Active Defense

QuProtect In Action

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We all take safe, reliable, instantaneous data transfer for granted from smart phone communications to highly networked systems transactions. With the growing implications that quantum computing brings, our environment of multi-device, highly networked systems is at risk of decryption and thus collapse without a new form of protection.

QuEverywhere is designed to solve for this problem. QuEverywhere is an easy integrated, robust, all in one software solution that introduces post-quantum, agile encryption to existing web applications in order to protect web traffic.

Key Features

  • It Starts with the Quark

    Deploying QuEverywhere is simple and begins with introducing the Quark. A proxy is deployed in front of the web application server and handles the encryption, decryption, and session management to protect the web application.
  • End-to-End Browser Protection

    On the browser side, we are using our patent-pending technology to automatically load an agent on the end user’s browser.
  • Continuous Security on All Devices, Networks and Systems; In the Cloud and On-premise and Inbetween.

    QuEverywhere protection provides post quantum protection to every end-user device whether mobile, desktop, or IoT, with zero-install or change in experience for the end user.

On-premise – In the Cloud – Hybrid

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Industry Resources

Industry specific case studies, webinars, FAQ’s, common quantum queries and more resources dedicated to discrete market segments.

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Hybrid Cloud Case Study

The growing hybrid cloud networks that are prevalent in today’s in today’s ecosystems pose a unique need for quantum resilient security to extend to the cloud and beyond once data leaves the secure perimeter of an on-premise datacenter.

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“This is really awesome. [QuSecure] got set up and running in a couple of hours – and now we’ve got quantum keys in the US government.”

Dr. Dave Schuster

Chief Data Officer, NORAD & US North Command,
United States Department of Defense
May 2022

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