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Given the evolving cyber threats and the vulnerability of current encryption, it is imperative for our nation’s leaders to evaluate new cryptographic capabilities in order to protect critical data. The transition to post-quantum secure communications presents an opportunity to establish a new framework of advanced controls over cryptography, without disrupting existing systems. QuProtect not only ensures the security of critical data in transit today, but also provides controls to address an ever-changing threat landscape, thus safeguarding the future of our nation.

At QuSecure, we take great pride in empowering the US Air Force with quantum-resilient communications and we are currently working closely with the US Army to leverage PQC encryption at the tactical edge. For public sector organizations grappling with quantum security regulations to protect our nation’s critical data, we provide a PQC solution that is specifically designed to defend against bad actors looking to exploit sensitive data.

  1. Implement new controls that enable managed, NIST approved post-quantum cryptography for data in transit.
  2. Deploy protection across a wide array of secured and unsecured environments and out to the tactical edge with no code changes or hardware required, no matter how legacy the system.
  3. Enable zero trust with cryptographic policy and real-time traffic monitoring to empower insights.

We are privileged to collaborate with those who dedicate themselves to safeguarding our future, today.


  • Quantum-safe connections for critical data wherever it travels with an unchanged end-user experience
  • Achieve mandated post-quantum compliance NSM 8 and 10 and H.R.735 memorandums
  • Managed quantum-resilient connections with monitoring and cryptographic agility
  • Enables Zero Trust network architecture as defined by NIST SP 800-207

$15.3 Billion
Committed by China in public funds in quantum computing investments – eight times what the United States has pledged to spend

Billion Estimated total government and business investment for quantum computing globally in 2022

3: 37%
Increase in budgets for quantum-related programs across the DoD from 2020 to 2022

Quantum Cybersecurity

For Federal & DoD Agencies

Ret. Col. Pete “Shadow” Ford, USAF shares insights into the impact of quantum threats and shares insights to navigate mandates and implementing quantum-proof cybersecurity.
“National Security, Public Safety and Privacy have all collided in the past several years. Quantum security, with quantum computing and encryption, are foundational to public and private sector efforts to counter nation states, rogue actors, criminals and others. We must counter serious threats with advanced technologies that can be easily deployed and are successful. QuSecure is leading in this field”
United States Navy (Retired) Rear Admiral Mike Brown
Senior cybersecurity specialist, formerly with the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security

Achieving HR 7535

Compliance with QuSecure Anna Levine, the Senior Director for National Security of Red Hat to share insights on complying with the quantum-related federal regulations.

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