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The need for quantum-resilient communication in the telecommunications sector is crucial due to the high volume of data transmission. Ensuring secure encryption methods is vital to safeguard sensitive information against cyber threats and maintain reliable connectivity for individuals, businesses, and governments. At QuSecure, our solution, QuProtect, addresses the unique encryption requirements of the telecom industry, empowering security leaders to protect critical data effectively in the face of evolving cyber challenges.

QuProtect offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to safeguard data as it moves across systems. Elevate your telecom enterprise to establish a new data security standard today.

  1. Implement new controls that enable managed, NIST approved post-quantum cryptography to safeguard data transmission in telecom networks.
  2. Extend security measures to diverse network environments, including end-user devices, without the need for code modifications or additional hardware, ensuring protection across legacy systems.
  3. Establish a zero-trust framework through cryptographic policies and real-time traffic monitoring tailored to address the specific security requirements of telecom operations.

QuProtect for Telecommunications

  • Protect mobile communications such as chat messaging with no change to end user experience
  • Manage encryption across core network communications, and mobile network backhaul
  • Protect communications transmitted tho data centers across borders
  • Protect data transmissions across 5G infrastructure

Exabytes of data per month travel over mobile networks Ericsson

Percentage of respondents are prioritizing the use of end-to-end network telemetry and visibility for proactive detection and remediation of issues

Percentage of telco leaders noted cyber security as the most important tech need in 2024 McKinsey


Telecom's Next Opportunity PQC Demonstration

During this 30-minute webinar, telecommunications leaders will see industry-leading post-quantum cybersecurity solutions that offer advanced security measures against sophisticated cyber threats.
"As telecom leaders, we're at the forefront of global communication. We hold a key responsibility to secure our networks. Post-quantum encryption isn't just a nice to have; it's a necessity we can't afford to overlook. QuSecure has debunked the myth that such upgrades are time-consuming, showing us that we can take charge of our encryption strategies today. This puts telecommunications leaders in control, ensuring we deliver best in class security to our customers, proving that we're not just keeping pace with technological advances, but actively leading the charge."
Richard Stanfield
CEO at Tibit Communications, Inc.
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