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With the rise of interconnected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), securing data has become more challenging than ever before. As we enter a new era of quantum computing, it is vital to establish a strong foundation for protecting critical data at its source, whether on earth or in space. Secure the ever-growing network of connected devices and protect critical data at the edge and in space with QuSecure’s quantum-resistant encryption solution.

Together with Accenture, we are pioneering quantum-resilient communications in space, having successfully demonstrated the first-ever quantum-resilient multi-orbit satellite communications, empowered with orchestrated cryptographic agility. Experience the power of QuProtect in safeguarding your communications, today.

  1. End the cryptographic inventory cycle and implement a new, adaptive control framework that puts you in control, utilizing post-quantum algorithms that adhere to industry standards and are approved by NIST.
  2. No code modifications or hardware upgrades are needed. QuProtect seamlessly integrates with current infrastructure and architectures.
  3. Gain real-time traffic monitoring to provide insights into your data’s protection wherever it travels.

Set an agile foundation to secure critical data wherever it travels.


  • Protect sensitive strategic transmissions and earth observation data between satellites and to ground stations.
  • Protect data transmitted collected from sensors and smart devices to backend systems.
  • Protect communications transmitted via satellite to various devices in the field.
  • Protect data transmissions between edge computing devices and analytic platforms.

Billion Connected IoT devices estimated to generate 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data in 202
International Data Corporation

$4.35 Million
Average data breach cost in 2022 – a record high

Satellites operating in space are US owned


The New Cybersecurity Norm For Space

Tom Patterson - Managing Director, Emerging Technology and Cybersecurity from Accenture shares insights into the challenges and opportunities for security assets in space against quantum computers.
"Bringing advanced security capabilities like QuSecure’s quantum-resistant crypto agility systems to orbit drives Accenture forward to better secure businesses on earth and throughout the space ecosystem.”
Tom Patterson
Managing Director, Emerging Technology and Cybersecurity from Accenture

Accenture and QuSecure Secure Multi-Orbit Data with Quantum Cryptography

We are proud to announce that QuSecure has collaborated with Accenture to develop a multi-orbit quantum-resilient satellite communications.

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