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30% CAGR
Quantum Cyber Security Industry Growth 2022-2030*

$10 Billion
Quantum Cyber Security Market By 2030*

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In Partnership With Red Hat

In partnership with Red Hat, QuSecure is launching the world’s first post quantum cryptographic (PQC) security solution that enables government and enterprise businesses to begin to address their post quantum cryptography business and technology challenges.

This introductory, Post Quantum Cyber solution branded QuProtect, enables organizations to integrate, deploy, and evaluate post quantum cryptographic solutions that suit their unique infrastructure environments.

Once integrated, the QuSecure cloud native, scale out architecture allows enterprises to scale out their baseline deployment as needed to support the larger PQC needs of their broader infrastructure environment.

Red Hat partners already familiar with Red Hat OpenShift and automation technologies can easily architect, propose, sell and deploy QuSecure to public sector customers as part of a phase III SBIR, helping accelerate time to attain federally mandated post quantum compliance.

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“We know the quantum threat is real. We also know it’s preventable. At QuSecure, we’ve created an all-encompassing software-based solution, QuProtect, that enables our partners to help their customers to focus on their post-quantum security goals with confidence.”

Skip Sanzeri Co-Founder
Board Chair
COO QuSecure