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The need for quantum-resilient communication extends wherever data travels. Industries across the board, from commerce to healthcare to logistics, are at risk of cyber-attacks that could compromise sensitive data. At QuSecure, we understand the unique challenges facing different industries and our solution, QuProtect quips security leaders with the tools and insights to protect their critical data today, and tomorrow.

QuProtect offers a comprehensive and seamless cybersecurity solution to protect data during transit across systems. Empower your enterprise to redefine the industry standard for data protection today.

  1. Standards based and compliant with NIST approved post-quantum algorithms with controls for cryptographic agility.
  2. No code modifications or hardware upgrades are needed. QuProtect seamlessly integrates with current infrastructure and architectures.
  3. Enable zero trust network architecture.
  4. Gain real-time traffic monitoring to provide insights into your data’s protection wherever it travels.

Join the growing community of industry leaders who are at the forefront of shaping the future of data protection. Experience protection for your organization’s data, today.


  • Protect the sharing of sensitive customer data on web portals.
  • Protect confidential data sharing on the network between business locations.
  • Protect private file sharing for your organizations online document repositories.
  • Protect the regular transmission of data and back ups for secure data sharing.

Increase in number of data breaches in the US from 2010 to 2021

$11 Million
Average cost of healthcare data breach in 2023

Increase in the number of people affected by healthcare data breaches from 2017 to 2019


Father of Zero Trust On Quantum Cryptography

Creator of ZeroTrust, John Kindervag explains the current landscape of cybersecurity including the store now, decrypt later threat and shares insights into evolving threats.
“If we think about everything that we have out there that security relies on, on the transactions we have with secure servers every day, with TLS etcetera... we owe it to ourselves to put as much innovation as we can and not take any of it lightly.”
Craig Hill
Distinguished Architect, Cisco

Application Security in a Post-Quantum World.

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