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Our Mission

We are using the advent of quantum computing to act as a catalyst to fix the foundation of data security infrastructure. By putting our customers first, we assure private and safe communication, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

“The paradigm of one key and an unintelligent cryptographic algorithm that has kept us safe for decades is now vulnerable. The future network will be able to adapt cryptographically to these changing threat patterns in real time.

QuSecure has developed an Intelligent Cryptographic Switched Network (ICSN) orchestration platform. This capability solves one of the most complex problems in upgrading networks, securing data endpoint to endpoint and all in between, even on legacy systems.”

Dave Krauthamer,
CEO of QuSecure


One team. One goal.

At QuSecure, our team is the lifeblood of our solution. Our quantum security experts are driven by one simple goal: to provide our clients with the most advanced protection against quantum threats.
Handpicked for their specialist skills and knowledge, our team has already gained the valuable trust of governments and companies worldwide. Our quest for excellence and continuous improvement means our clients know they’ll be ready for today. And tomorrow.

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