20 Jul 2022 2 min read

Quantum Computing and Its Impact on Cybersecurity [Q&A]

Ian Baker / BetaNews / 20 July 2022

QuSecure is excited to share an interview with Skip Sanzeri, QuSecure co-founder and COO. The interview was conducted by online IT news source BetaNews, and covered the impact quantum computing will have on cybersecurity.

Key points of the interview include:

  • The quantum computing industry is undergoing rapid evolution. Companies have gone from a computers couple dozen qubits to hundreds. Some companies are looking towards a thousand qubits by mid-decade. Four thousand qubits would be enough for a quantum computer to break RSA 2048, the primary algorithm used for data encryption.
  • The day quantum computers will be able to crack encryption, referred to as Q-Day, is only a matter of years away. However, malicious actors are stealing data now, and plan to store it until Q-Day, when they will be able to decrypt it. Unless data is encrypted with post-quantum cryptography (PQC), it is vulnerable to this sort of store-now, decrypt-later attack.
  • The main challenges of addressing the post-quantum cybersecurity threat are twofold. First, any change is difficult. Finding the will, time, and funding to transition to a post-quantum future is a long process and requires a great deal of planning. Second, in a field with cutting-edge technology, change is a constant. Flexibility is thus crucial when choosing a PQC solution.

We want to particularly highlight this quote from Skip: “By finding a partner like QuSecure that has an adaptive orchestrated solution with continuous availability that standardizes on all the NIST finalists, an organization can know that they have optimized their choice.”

Read the full interview on BetaNews.


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