21 Jul 2023 2 min read

Cleantech and Quantum Computing: Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Dave Krauthamer / Security Boulevard / 21 July 2023

The article explores how quantum computing will shape the future of cleantech, including both its potential benefits and the risks it poses. We will discuss why post-quantum cryptography is essential for protecting our energy networks, as well as the efforts taken by the federal government to address this vulnerability. Finally, we will explore how organizations in the cleantech industry can leverage post-quantum cryptography to secure their networks and protect against malicious actors. By understanding the capabilities of quantum computing as it relates to energy security, both individuals and organizations can make more informed decisions about how best to protect our critical infrastructure from digital threats.

The White House announcement and memorandum demonstrate a commitment to quantum-ready cybersecurity across government agencies, many of whom are responsible for components of the cleantech/energy sector.

Ultimately, we need to be proactive in protecting our critical infrastructure from malicious attacks with quantum computing capabilities. All parties must believe in a shared responsibility model, where everyone involved in the energy sector—from cleantech companies to government agencies—must do their part. This includes investing in the right cybersecurity solutions, educating people on best practices, and being aware of new threats as they arise. With this approach, we can keep our critical infrastructure secure and reap the benefits of cleantech for years to come.

Achieving success with quantum computing-enabled cleantech requires collaboration from multiple parties and participation in the continued development of post-quantum cryptography. The good news is that, although the threat of quantum computing attacks may seem daunting, resources are available to help mitigate these risks. As we continue to build out our cleantech infrastructure, let’s take a proactive approach and raise awareness about PQC to ensure we can all benefit from this new technology and the cleantech revolution.

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