20 Jul 2023 2 min read

Emerging synergies: Leveraging AI to bolster post-quantum cryptographic security

Joe Pirone / Federal News Network / 20 July 2023

The world of cybersecurity is rapidly evolving, and so too must the tools used to protect our sensitive data. With the emergence of quantum computing technology, ensuring that our cryptographic solutions remain robust against attackers is more important than ever before. While standard encryption protocols have served us well for many years the threat posed by quantum computing has necessitated the development of post-quantum cryptography (PQC).

However, implementing PQC can often be a complex task. Enter machine learning (ML): an AI technology that can analyze network traffic and identify anomalous behavior to recommend appropriate cryptographic keys or algorithms for use in key rotation. By automating this process, ML can save time and effort while increasing the accuracy and efficacy of cryptographic key swapping.

Moreover, ML can be leveraged to improve a variety of other aspects of PQC, ranging from authentication to secure storage management. What’s more, with the right software-based infrastructure in place, an agnostic system that is capable of utilizing any cryptographic key or algorithm can be implemented.

The advantages of combining AI/ML with PQC are immense, allowing us to build smarter defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers. By investing in an advanced cybersecurity system that leverages ML to its fullest potential, we can protect our data and make sure our security measures remain one step ahead of the bad actors.

We can no longer rely on outdated encryption protocols to keep us safe. To ensure the security of our data, it is essential that we embrace quantum-resistant cryptography and leverage AI/ML technologies to create an advanced cybersecurity system. With this approach, we can take a proactive role in defending ourselves against cyber threats and ensure that our data remains secure from malicious actors.

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