06 Jul 2022 2 min read

QuSecure’s QuProtect Platform Selected by NIST for Standardization

Editorial Staff | Enterprise IT world | 6 July 2022

QuSecure is thrilled about the mention in the article from Enterprise IT World. We especially like the quote from QuSecure Co-Founder and COO, Skip Sanzeri, “Having participated in post-quantum cybersecurity since 2018, we have seen NIST shorten the timeline for their decision on quantum resilient cryptography from 2024 to now July 5th.”

Highlights of the article include:

  • NIST formally selects the new encryption algorithms as part of their post-quantum cryptographic standard.
  • Describes the encryption tools as a method to protect a variety of digital systems, networks, and devices from current and future threats, by referring to store now, decrypt later (SNDL) tactics for sensitive data and computing hacks.
  • NIST has chosen the CRYSTALS-Kyber algorithm (commonly referred to as Kyber) for key encapsulation.
  • QuSecure has been employing Kyber in the first U.S. Government Post-Quantum Communications demonstration since June 21.
  • QuProtect was deployed to establish a post-quantum communications channel and has been protecting U.S. Government airspace data with 100-percent up-time using the now-standard Kyber cryptosystem.

Another quote included in the article comes from QuSecure Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Rebecca Krauthamer, “From day one, we built QuProtect to be crypto agile. This means that our software implements all the fourth-round finalists and standards that were selected today by NIST and allows the customer to swap one out for another without interruption to system and network performance. Certain algorithms are more efficient in certain environments, and still other algorithms may still be proven crack-able and removed from the NIST standards. In selecting both a set of standards and additional finalists, NIST is making the statement that this process will continue to evolve as we learn more and test these algorithms deployed in real-world scenarios. For this reason, it is critical to adopt a solution that is crypto agile. We’ve known these standards were coming for some time, and QuSecure by design set out to be the ‘easy button’ to make this upgrade for enterprise and government.”



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