22 Nov 2022 1 min read

Hacking the Quantum Realm – a Podcast with QuSecure’s Skip Sanzeri

Robert Vamosi / Error Code Podcast / 22 November 2022

Error Code is a biweekly narrative podcast that provides you both context and conversation with some of the best minds working today toward code resilience and dependability. Work that can lead to autonomous vehicles and smart cities. It’s your window in the research solving tomorrow’s code problems today.

Quantum computing will make great advances in science; it will also have the ability to decrypt banking, healthcare, and other industries’ stolen data. Skip Sanzeri of QuSecure explains how quantum computing is advancing rapidly, how it has the power to crack RSA 2048 and other encryption that we know take for granted today, and why his and other companies are talking about our post-quantum encryption world today.

Listen to the Error Code Podcast here.


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