21 Apr 2023 2 min read

EvoNexus Portfolio Company, QuSecure Collaborates with Red Hat to Deliver Enhanced Post-Quantum Cryptography Modernization

EvoNexus News / EvoNexus / 21 April 2023

Organizations today face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. To combat this, they need to deploy a comprehensive and agile cybersecurity solution that can adapt quickly to new threats and changing conditions. QuSecure provides such a solution, leveraging Red Hat open-source technologies to enable organizations to quickly and easily deploy a secure environment.

QuSecure leverages Red Hat’s suite of open-source technologies, including OpenShift Container Platform and OpenStack cloud platform to enable organizations to quickly deploy a secure environment without the need for expensive proprietary solutions. The solution is fully configurable and can easily adapt to changes in the security landscape. Additionally, QuSecure supports automated deployment of containerized applications to ensure that applications are up-to-date and secure.

At the heart of the QuSecure solution is its crypto-agility capabilities. It allows organizations to rapidly deploy a variety of digital assets, such as wallets and smart contracts, in an agile manner. The platform also provides auditing capabilities to help organizations identify potential vulnerabilities quickly. Additionally, QuSecure uses a range of security analytics tools to enable organizations to detect and respond to threats quickly.

QuSecure also allows organizations to deploy their own encryption algorithms as part of its crypto-agility capabilities. This helps ensure that the organization’s digital assets are secure even in the event of an attack. The solution also provides an integrated key management system, helping to ensure secure storage and retrieval of digital assets.

Overall, QuSecure provides a comprehensive and easily deployed cybersecurity solution that enables organizations to rapidly deploy a secure environment. Leveraging the power of Red Hat open-source technologies, organizations can quickly and easily deploy a solution that is both flexible and secure. Through its crypto-agility capabilities and integrated key management system, QuSecure helps organizations keep their digital assets safe and secure.

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