29 Mar 2023 1 min read

ExecutiveGov: Accenture, QuSecure Safeguard Satcom Data Transmission Using Post-Quantum Cryptography

QuSecure and partner Accenture have successfully completed a groundbreaking multi-orbit data communications test using post-quantum cryptography as an advanced cybersecurity algorithm. The demonstration highlights the potential of quantum-resistant crypto agility systems to secure data transmitted through satellite communications, giving assurance that organizations can protect their sensitive information against quantum attacks.

Quantum computers are powerful enough to intercept data from multi-orbit satellites, making traditional security measures obsolete. To overcome this challenge and prevent such attacks, QuSecure deployed QuProtect – a crypto-agile quantum-resilient channel – without actually installing the software on the communications system.

The successful transmission of data was facilitated by Accenture – involving switching from low Earth orbit (LEO) to geosynchronous orbit satellite and back to Earth as a redundancy measure. This is a major step forward in the development of quantum-resistant security protocols and furthers our understanding of how cyber-resilient technology can be deployed in space.

Overall, this test confirms that QuSecure’s crypto-agile solutions are a reliable and effective way to protect sensitive data from quantum-based threats. We’re immensely proud of this milestone, which demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative solutions for secure data transmission.

Read the full article from ExecutiveGov here.


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