19 Jan 2023 2 min read

Fintech looks to quantum-proof its assets

Swiss-based neo-banking platform VeroWay chooses QuSecure to provide quantum-safe data security and privacy


John Leonard / Computing / 19 January 2023


A Swiss based financial institution, VeroWay is following a longstanding Swiss banking tradition of providing the highest levels of privacy and security as they manage and secure the assets of their customers. However, as a forward-looking leader in the next generation of fintech firms, VeroWay recognizes the urgent necessity of upgrading their cybersecurity systems due to the quantum threat and have chosen QuSecure to provide a crypto-agile software solution to ensure their systems, networks, and data are quantum-resilient.


“Over the next weeks, VeroWay and QuSecure will be generating millions of new and additional keys to further shield our segregated and self-custody digital asset vault system. This will essentially build a ‘quantum shield’ around our entire infrastructure. We’re doing it in a way that doesn’t replace or break our currently established and patent-protected VeroWay platform infrastructure, but instead enhances it to being the first and only neo-banking infrastructure platform with post-quantum protection and security.” – Sean Prescott, Chief Technology Officer at VeroWay


VeroWay is working to make its public key infrastructure and communications safe from the threat of quantum computers. They have selected QuSecure, the leading quantum-resilient cybersecurity enterprise software provider, to employ their intelligent cryptographic switched network (ICSN) which uses orchestrated quantum-safe post-quantum cryptographic agility with end-to-end continuous availability and attack intelligence.


QuSecure appreciates the confidence that VeroWay has placed in them. VeroWay is taking a leadership position within the financial services industry as they partner with QuSecure as the early adopters in migrating to a quantum-secure future.  As the first and only US-founded, focused and funded post-quantum security company with a software based solution, QuSecure is actively addressing the paradigm shift that is happening in data security right now.


“The paradigm of one key and an unintelligent cryptographic algorithm that has kept us safe for decades is now vulnerable. The future network will be able to adapt cryptographically to these changing threat patterns in real time. QuSecure has developed an Intelligent Cryptographic Switched Network (ICSN) orchestration platform. This capability solves one of the most complex problems in upgrading networks, securing data endpoint to endpoint and all in between, even on legacy systems.” – Dave Krauthamer, CEO of QuSecure


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