09 Mar 2023 2 min read

HPC Wire: End-to-End Satellite Quantum-Resilient Cryptographic Communications Link Through Space

HPC Wire / 9 March 2023

The successful completion of this project marks a major milestone in the development of quantum-safe communications, the QuSecure team plans to continue pushing boundaries and work with industry partners to build an unbreakable, post-quantum resilient security network for customers worldwide. And with more advancements in quantum computing coming on the horizon, we must ensure our networks are secure and ready for the future.

QuSecure is committed to secure communications in an ever-changing security landscape and providing customers with secure, reliable data transmissions anytime, anywhere and on any device. QuSecure is committed to providing customers with the ultimate security, reliability and trust no matter what today’s and tomorrow’s threats may bring. With this project, we can take one step closer toward a secure quantum future for all. By working together and utilizing our collective resources, we can build a safe and secure communications infrastructure that will serve us all for generations to come.

Today’s world requires a security reset. Enterprise organizations and government are already working to protect their valuable data from current and emerging quantum threats. At QuSecure, we believe that now is the best time to upgrade systems and networks. That’s why we’ve created QuProtect – a robust, all-in-one software as a service-based quantum security solution that’s quick to implement and effortless to manage, even on legacy systems.

As always, security comes first – and we are here to help take your communications to the next level. Trust, reliability, and protection all start with QuSecure.

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