23 May 2022 2 min read

QuSecure’s Sanzeri: PQC The ‘Largest Upgrade Cycle in Computer History’

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Dan O’Shea | Inside Quantum Technology | 23 May 2022

QuSecure is proud to have our very own Co-Founder and CEO, Skip Sanzeri interviewed for this Inside Quantum Technology article from Dan O’Shea.

IQT: “Your company launched just days after the White House issued a memorandum urging federal government agencies to adopt post-quantum security protection. Could you have planned your timing any better?”

Sanzeri: “Well, we’ve been at this for three years now, and people thought we were crazy when we started. Now, it is looking more like something that has to happen. It will be the largest upgrade cycle in computer history because all cryptography will have to be upgraded. It’s not a question of if but when will quantum be strong enough to break encryption? I guess it’s sort of serendipitous that the timing is now working out for us, but yeah, the White House is getting very into things, you’ve got the Schumer bill, the Endless Frontier act,which has money for quantum security and now the bill from Reps. Ro Khanna, Gerry Connollly and Nancy Mace. So there’s a lot of movement now on this front.”

IQT: “Something else that should be coming soon are the NIST standard algorithms. Will you be supporting those?”

Sanzeri: “Yes, we have to support those because no government agency or large enterprise is going to adopt post quantum cybersecurity without using these standards. So if anybody’s operating outside of that, developing algorithms that aren’t approved by NIST, I think it’s largely a waste of time. When we started down this path, the timing for NIST was more like 2026, then ‘25, then ‘24, ‘23. It actually has been coming down, and at the IQT conference in San Diego, one of the NIST people said it will be ‘any day now.’ When we started building, we built in what we call crypto agility. So we already built all these finalists into our system so it won’t matter which ones are approved. We can install all of them and use all of them. Rainbow got hacked, so the algorithms can come and go but we decided to implement all of them so if the enterprise says they want Khyber or Sabre or McEliece, fine. Doesn’t matter to us. We’ll do them all.”



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