01 Jul 2022 2 min read

Agencies Now Have Sole-Source Provider of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Grace Dille / MeriTalk / 1 July 2022

QuSecure is excited to be mentioned in this article by MeriTalk. The article’s topic is QuSecure’s recent SBIR III contract.

Key points of the article include:

  • SBIR, the Small Business Innovation Research program, is a three-phase government funding program. Funding for Phase I winners goes up to $250,000, while Phase II funding goes up to $1.25 million. Phase III funding is uncapped, with the average Phase III contract winner in 2021 receiving over $100 million.
  • QuSecure was awarded the Phase III contract after the successful deployment of QuProtect, our post-quantum cryptography solution, at a federal facility. This also comes after President Biden issued an executive order and National Security Memorandum in May urging the prioritization of quantum information technology.
  • This makes QuSecure the only company in the post-quantum cryptography space to achieve Phase III status, making it the sole government provider for PQC solutions.
  • We want to highlight a quote from Pete Ford, QuSecure’s head of Federal Operations, who said “We are thrilled and proud to be named the federal government’s first PQC provider. These requirements are marked as a near-term need and substantial funding has already been earmarked to begin this work immediately.”

    Read the full article from MeriTalk here.


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