16 Nov 2021 2 min read

Podcast: Chat with QuSecure Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Listen to the full podcast here – https://www.protiviti.com/us-en/podcast/achieving-crypto-agility

Crypto-agility measures a company’s ability to enable rapid adaptations to cryptography. This includes using new cryptographic primitives and algorithms without making disruptive changes to a system’s infrastructure. Every company will need to achieve this bragging right as soon as possible. Quantum computer is capable of cracking 2048-bit RSA, and other implementations could be here as soon as three to five years, depending on technologies such as interconnect, which could combine quantum computers to get us to 4,000 error-corrected qubits sooner than later.

Companies need to audit where they are in the path to crypto-agility and should start taking actions now to close any gaps. My team at Protiviti helps companies identify how crypto-agile they are. QuSecure is one of the companies providing products that can help you close discovered gaps. They use post-quantum secure ciphers that are NIST finalists and solutions that work today. QuSecure offers quantum key management, which uses quantum random number generation to create strong security keys. Classical computers have known weaknesses in creating random numbers, after all. Defender also offers post-quantum data-at-rest, which defines and enforces how your data are protected. Turning policies into actions has been an issue for many organizations in general. Now, it can solve this issue with an added healthy dose of post-quantum ciphers.

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