12 Dec 2022 1 min read

Post-quantum cryptography experts brace for long transition despite White House deadlines

/ FedScoop / 12 December 2022

QuSecure Co-founder and COO Skip Sanzeri is quoted in this introspective FedScoop article on post-quantum cryptography efforts.

“The White House’s aggressive deadlines for agencies to develop post-quantum cryptography strategies make the U.S. the global leader on protection, but the transition will take at least a decade, experts say.”

“This will be the largest upgrade cycle in all human history because every single device, 27 billion devices, every network and communication needs to upgrade to post-quantum resilience,” Skip Sanzeri, chief operating officer at quantum security-as-a-service company QuSecure, told FedScoop. “So it’s a massive upgrade, and we have to do it because these quantum systems should be online — we don’t know exactly when — but early estimates are three, four years for something strong enough.”

Read the full article from FedScoop here.


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