24 May 2022 2 min read

QuSecure Presents at Catalyst Accelerator’s Demo Day

QuSecure is excited to showcase their latest post-quantum computing (PQC) product, QuProtect with the Catalyst Accelerator program. The Air Force Research Laboratory and United States Space Force sponsored Catalyst Accelerator, a national security industry program, inspires their cohorts to “innovate, accelerate, collaborate,” while attending the 3-month program for small businesses with “innovative, dual-use technology.” This event is held at their headquarters on the Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Accelerator’s semi-residential program provides office space, enables investment opportunities, connects you with Space and Air Force liaisons and subject matter experts, and affords their participants with a collaborative ecosystem and resources necessary to nurture the next level of innovation.

The Accelerator provides a platform for many social engagements and events, where attendees from over 70 companies like QuSecure can network and share valuable knowledge and insight to help these companies thrive. 

What is demo day?

Explained by The Accelerator, demo day is, an in-person event for the Hybrid Data Movement cohort at the Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation, where people get a chance to meet eight cohort companies and listen to a guest speaker.

QuSecure SVP of Federal Operations, Pete Ford presented on quantum computing, the problem, and the solution, sharing how QuSecure is the only US founded – funded – focused quantum cybersecurity company that is backward compatible and an end-to-end quantum security solution that is ready for use now.

QuSecure Director of Sales Operations Brandon Dennis added, “Quantum computing is a rapidly advancing technology that will transform industries by solving complex optimization problems that elude classical computers but what happens when such a computer is used to attack the digital infrastructure that safeguards our nation’s most sensitive data and communications.”

To learn more about QuSecure, watch this video, and visit us at https://www.qusecure.com.

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