28 Apr 2023 1 min read

Protecting Patient Data: Why Quantum Security is a Must in Health Care

Dave Krauthamer / Security Boulevard / 28 April 2023

When you visit the doctor or have a hospital stay, you and your patient data become elements in a vast, highly complex digital technology ecosystem. This is because you (as the patient) generate enormous volumes of data which is stored and analyzed across interconnected systems. The goal of all of this is improved health care outcomes, but the current health care digital landscape also represents a critical cyberattack surface. This is particularly true of medical devices and the internet-of-medical-things (IoMT). Security is a serious matter in health care, and most organizations involved in health care technology are busy implementing countermeasures against prevailing cyberthreats. More work is needed, especially considering the looming quantum computing threat to data encryption. This article examines the quantum threat to health care data and technology and offers some ideas on how this serious risk can be mitigated.

The article highlights:

Understanding Health Care as a Technology Ecosystem

A Brief Overview of the Quantum Threat to the Health Care Industry

Threats to Patient Health

Threats to a Vast, Critical and Lucrative Business

Societal Risks

Geopolitical Risks

Regulatory Landscape

Quantum Security Solutions for Health Care

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