25 Aug 2022 2 min read

QuForce emerging as a post-quantum cryptography community

Rusen Gobel / Cloud7 News / 25 August 2022

QuSecure is proud to share an article by Cloud7 on QuForce’s Demo Day. QuForce is a private-public partnership sponsored by QuSecure which recently organized its first-ever QuForce Demo Day, in which the first class of QuForce Fellows presented their last six months of work.

Key points of the article include:

  • QuForce is a community in post-quantum cryptography and white-hat hacking, established in 2021 to connect experts, academics, and enthusiasts in the world’s leading PQC network. The forum enables individuals to learn about and contribute to the betterment of a quantum-era world.
  • QuForce is dedicated to empowering professionals from non-quantum backgrounds to enter the quantum ecosystem. This includes members from any background, such as government, academia, or private business. QuForce collaborates with individuals from companies such as Amazon, Google, the FDA, Stanford University, and Cisco.
  • The QuForce Demo Day was the culmination of six months of effort from the QuForce Fellows. Judges awarded four prizes: first, second, and third place, and the Most Novel award. Winners were awarded cash prizes and further project funding.

QuSecure is proud to be the co-founder and sponsor of QuForce, which has grown to become a leading organization in the quantum arena. Read more about QuForce’s Demo Day here.

Read the full article on Cloud7 here.


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