03 Apr 2023 2 min read

QuSecure, Accenture Team on Multi-Orbit Communications Link

The impact of this accomplishment is far-reaching, enabling government agencies and organizations to leverage satellite communications for secure data transmission without fear of being compromised by quantum computing. The new communication channel also provides a greater level of redundancy, should an unexpected incident occur with a single satellite in orbit. It’s yet another significant step toward an interconnected world with the highest level of data security.

By developing this quantum-resilient channel, QuSecure and Accenture are paving the way for increased use of satellite communication technology – and providing peace of mind and confidence in its security. This is a significant achievement that furthers our global efforts to harness quantum-safe technology to protect our most vital data.

With this breakthrough, organizations now have the capability to securely and reliably send communications over satellite networks with confidence in the integrity of the data being transmitted. It’s an exciting time for quantum-safe security and an important moment for secure satellite communication around the world. We look forward to seeing what other advances in this field will come from the collaboration between QuSecure and Accenture.

By strengthening the security of satellite communication networks with quantum-safe technology, QuSecure and Accenture have taken a major step forward in our efforts to protect against potential data breaches and threats posed by increasingly powerful computing systems. We congratulate them on this tremendous achievement!

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