03 Apr 2022 3 min read

QuSecure Rebecca Krauthamer Joins Somi Arian on Podcast: Quantum Computing

Krauthamer shared her thoughts during a recent podcast with FemPeak founder Somi Arian to discuss quantum computing.

Krauthamer shared that she wanted to be a doctor as a little girl, but that changed when she went to Stanford. She realized that entrepreneurship and technology helped shape her decision to go into AI and made her question ethical technology and how do we move forward and build it? Her now co-founders brought her into quantum computing.

“I have to do this. It became the next step for me… Quantum computers are on the horizon and being built right now… it’s like we are in the 1960s of computers in the quantum space, and they are set to break all our cryptography and all the cybersecurity we hold dear.” Rebecca went on to discuss the product line-up that QuSecure offers. “I get to do work with what I love.”

Arian shared her interest in physics and posed the question, “Do you think we will see a full-fledged quantum computer in our lifetime?”

Although we are in the realm of the 1960s, Krauthamer wholeheartedly believes they will be available within the next decade. “We have tools they didn’t have then. We have a bunch of technology to help us build this stuff. It’s deep science and being funded, supported, and brought to the mainstream,” said Krauthamer.

She explained the acceleration of quantum computing. How, “a few years ago, this was more theoretical. With qubits, being particles, they are sensitive and decohere, fall apart, and why we don’t have a considerable scale quantum computer.”

Quantum physics makes this unique. It can hold more than one logic at one time; rather than this or that… both agreed it is mainly the true meaning of multitasking.

Arian initially found Krauthamer because of her interest in blockchain and asked, “what is being done to protect cryptocurrency?”

Krauthamer shared how NIST’s new algorithms are being put out that are a little different from what we use today. The algorithms are safe against classical and quantum computers. You can overlay existing structures with the help of the algorithms to help protect against those attacks. There is an idea of Store-Now-Decrypt-Later (SNDL); if a hacker can harvest an encrypted database, is they “take this and wait until they can decrypt it.”

To watch the full podcast, click here.

About FemPeak
The FemPeak platform launched in March 2021. Founder Somi Arian released her multi-award-winning documentary, “The Millennial Disruption”, featuring industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, JLR, and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few.

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