08 Nov 2021 3 min read

QuSecure Honored with Acceptance into the Quantum Alliance Initiative

QuSecure, Inc., (QuSecure) a leading provider of post-quantum cybersecurity solutions, today announces its acceptance into the Hudson Institute’s Quantum Alliance Initiative (QAI), an international consortium of companies, institutions, and universities whose mission is to raise awareness and develop policies which will help the U.S. enterprises and government agencies prepare for quantum computer cyberattacks by 2025.

QuSecure was founded in 2019 to protect the enterprise and government from quantum and classical cybersecurity threats. Advancements in quantum computing bring economic opportunity, but along with that comes one of the 21st century’s most significant threats to our national security, economy, and very way of life. This is an impending threat, but with the prevalence of harvest now, decrypt later data hacking techniques, sensitive data that is not currently secured by post-quantum cybersecurity is at risk of being stolen today and later decrypted. QuSecure’s software-driven architecture was designed to make this necessary security upgrade fast and painless, using an innovative combination of proprietary protocols, quantum random number generation, and NIST-approved algorithms.

“The Quantum Alliance Initiative is doing important research, alerting the private and public sectors to the urgency of establishing global standards and securing critical data infrastructure against the inevitability of quantum hacks,” says QuSecure’s CEO Dave Krauthamer. “We are proud to partner with QAI and the Hudson Institute to help push their research and advocacy forward to ensure the US is fortified against quantum-driven data breaches. We share QAI’s vision of a fully quantum-protected ecosystem and will continue to work to provide our customers with the most robust solutions to usher in this new era.”

QAI’s Director Arthur Herman adds, “Having QuSecure as a member is a welcome addition to the international coalition we are building to make America quantum ready for the 21st century. Quantum security will be an urgent priority in the next decade, and companies like QuSecure will be vital to getting us to quantum readiness in time.”

About Quantum Alliance Initiative: Launched in 2018, the Quantum Alliance Initiative was created to develop and champion policies that allow the U.S. to win the race to a universal quantum computer while simultaneously working to ensure that the U.S. will be safe from a future quantum computer cyberattack by 2025. Since its founding, the Quantum Alliance Initiative has established clear thought leadership in this crucial area of information technology for the 21st century.

About QuSecure: QuSecure’s mission is to protect enterprise and government data from quantum and classical cybersecurity threats. Their patent-pending, quantum-safe solutions provide an easy transition path to quantum resilience across any organization. The company is known for its dual-use technology that offers ultra-strong enterprise-wide post-quantum encryption solutions.
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