21 Jan 2023 2 min read

QuSecure Introduces QuEverywhere, a Quantum-safe Orchestration Solution

QuSecure's offers an end-to-end feature - QuEverywhere, designed to provide quantum-safe  connections without any user installations.

GQI / Quantum Computing Report / 21 January 2023

QuSecure’s QuProtect software solution offers an end-to-end feature called QuEverywhere, designed to provide Quantum-safe connections without any user installations. This feature is particularly useful for mobile or IOT devices, where software upgrades could be labor-intensive. QuProtect leverages Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) algorithms, which are compliant with NIST’s latest recommendations; the solution is also designed to be crypto-agile, so that the algorithms can be easily updated with better ones in the future. VeroWay, a company delivering high-performance blockchain powered core banking solutions to over 15 million users, is one of the recent customers of QuSecure’s solutions. This ensures secure communications and digital asset storage/transaction data.

The QuEverywhere feature of the QuProtect solution is a quantum resilient connection, with no user installations needed, making it a great choice for mobile and IOT devices. With PQC algorithms compliant with NIST’s latest recommendations, as well as the crypto-agility of the solution, QuSecure is providing a secure digital asset storage and transaction data for its customers. VeroWay being one such customer.

QuSecure offers the most reliable encryption keys based on patented Quantum-safe algorithms, helping the CIO build a strong data security foundation that is resilient against quantum computing attacks. This ensures that data will remain secure even in the quantum era, as encryption keys are impossible to crack or replicate with a quantum computer. With QuSecure’s unparalleled encryption and analytics solutions, the organization can remain one step ahead of malicious agents – allowing them to stay secure and continue to succeed in the digital world.

Read the full article from Quantum Computing Report here.

It’s time to QuSecure your cybersecurity posture.

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