09 Mar 2023 2 min read

QuSecure pioneers first-ever US live end-to-end satellite quantum-resilient cryptographic link

Laurence Russell / Satellite Evolution Group / 9 March 2023

QuSecure pioneers first-ever US live end-to-end satellite quantum-resilient cryptographic link. This achievement is particularly exciting for the aerospace and defense industries, where post-quantum security is a critical requirement for data transmissions. QuSecure’s success demonstrates that their quantum-safe technology can be used to protect such communications from interception, manipulation, or disruption. It also shows that organizations can protect their data against both classical and quantum cyberattacks, creating a safer world for all.

The future of post-quantum cryptography is bright, and QuSecure is leading the way with its advanced solutions that provide unparalleled levels of security and protection. By leveraging QuProtect, organizations can confidently protect their data from advanced cyber threats while also having the flexibility to adopt new technologies in the future. QuSecure is paving the way for a secure and quantum-resilient tomorrow.

With QuSecure, organizations can be sure their data will remain secure against current classical and future quantum attacks — ensuring that industries and infrastructures stay safe from disastrous cyberattacks. As the market leader in post-quantum cryptography, QuSecure is at the forefront of securing and protecting data across the digital ecosystem. By leveraging their advanced solution, organizations can rest assured that their information will be safe, secure, and resilient against today’s most advanced threats. With QuSecure leading the way, organizations can trust that their data will remain safe and secure no matter how it is communicated across networks, cloud infrastructures, edge devices and now even satellite communications. The future of post-quantum cryptography is safe and secure with QuSecure. Together, we can lead the world towards a more secure tomorrow.

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